Movin’ on up (to self-hosting)

For anyone who might be getting new post updates for my blog via your WordPress Reader, I wanted to let you all know that I’ve moved! I’m still using WordPress, but have moved my site over to a self-hosted WordPress installation where I’ll be more able to customize and grow as I work on blogging my little heart out.

If you’d like to continue receiving my posts via WordPress Reader, you can add my new self-hosted blog to your Reader feed by click on the “Reader” icon in the toolbar at the top of your page (you’ll need to make sure you’re logged on first), and hitting the Manage button.


That will take you to a page where you’re shown your current blog subscriptions, and there’s a nice big Enter a URL to follow prompt. You can just copy and paste my URL in there:

If you’d prefer emails, you can just click through to my new site and sign up to receive emails when I create a new post; if you were previously subscribed, your address has already been copied over, so you should still be receiving emails just like you used to.

And of course you can add my blog to any blog reader, feed aggregator, Bloglovin’, or wherever else you like to get your blog reading in. I’ll also be adding a newsletter sign-up to my new blog soon, for anybody who wants to receive the occasional email update about my latest blog posts, art, writing, and whatever else comes along. If you need any help figuring out how to add me to your blog reader, please don’t hesitate to comment here or contact me wherever else you’d like (my twitter, tumblr, etc are linked from the new site as well), I’m happy to help.

I’m also very active on Instagram where I post glorious pictures like this one of my tiny owl friend, and will be posting a lot more of my photography and art in the future, so please feel free to follow me there!

Thanks for sticking with me so far, and I hope you’ll come along for the rest of this wild ride. I’ve got a lot of great stuff going that I’ll be blogging about through March and on into the summer, so I hope you’ll join me!


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