All Creatures Great and Totally Epic

Birds from Earthwings and a presentation of exotic and domesticated native wild animals from Wild Wonders were huge highlights for me at the Soldier Hollow Classic sheepdog championship. (Photos of the actual sheepdog part of the event are right over here.) I’m kind of crazy about barn owls and foxes in particular, so I might’ve been freaking out internally. I’m sure you can’t blame me because LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL THEY ARE.


4 thoughts on “All Creatures Great and Totally Epic

  1. Super photos, Mac!

  2. I like the owls too….but skunks have such cute faces!

    • It was a pretty cute skunk, I have to admit. :D Most of their animals were wild animals people had at some point tried to keep as pets, so the skunk was descented, but I’m not sure how into his job he was, since it involved being petted by like a million little kids. And me. I totally petted it too. :D Much softer than I would have thought! :D

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