A Ride on the Heber Valley Railroad

I can’t say I’ve ever been a railroad enthusiast, but I’ve always meant to take a ride on one of those tourist-style historic railway tours. I lived near the Skunk Train and the Narrow Gauge Railroad without ever riding either one, so when my brother and his wife were visiting this week, and he suggested we go for a trip on the Heber Creeper, it seemed my time for a train ride had come at last.

The Heber Valley Railroad offers a variety of trip options, including packages with horseback riding and rafting, but we opted for the shortest trip, a half-hour ride through Heber Valley farm country, along some marshy wetlands and creeks, to the banks of the Deer Creek Reservoir. There were some beautiful views, and we were lucky enough to choose a day that was lovely and overcast.

Overall it was a nice trip, though being confined to a single car full of families with young children — one of the hazards of living in Utah — meant the noise level got a little unbearable at times. Part of the ride is entertainment, which includes a stop for a “train robbery” at Soldier Hollow, and a singing train robber through  most of the remainder of the ride, and though I personally had less than zero interest in any of those things, the kids sure seemed to enjoy it. (The singer had a lovely voice, but the train car acoustics and noisy audience weren’t doing her any favors.) For more curmudgeonly passengers like myself, the views were certainly enough to make the ride worth the price of admission.


4 thoughts on “A Ride on the Heber Valley Railroad

  1. I love just about anything old that is still functional–this would have been right up my alley. There’s a steam train ride the boyfriend and I always meant to take near where he grew up in the Hocking Hills of Ohio. We haven’t gotten around to it yet! When I was a kid growing up in Southern California, Knott’s Berry Farm (now nothing but a common amusement park but back in “my day” a historical park with ghost town buildings, stagecoach rides, and yes, a train ride) had a similar “hold-up” scenario on their railroad. It was a great place to relive both the Old West and antique modes of transportation.

    • I was hoping that we’d get to ride with an actual steam train, but I’m not sure whether they’re really running those anymore. The one I took pictures of was set up as a display piece and I don’t think they run it anymore. Still, it was a nice ride… way too loud for my taste, and toooo many kids, but that’s Utah for you. Expect lots of toddlers and infants at every public place. :D I didn’t care for the hold-up and all that either, but the kids seemed to love it and I had a great view of that osprey during the “hold up” so it was fine. :D

      We actually have a historical farm like that out here — though I imagine must smaller than Knott’s Berry — called Wheeler Farm. I’m not really sure what’s offered there but I know they have historical tours and at least one team of horses… I’ve been meaning to go out there for years, might have to finally do it this year, maybe when the leaves are turning, because I’ve driven by and it looks like a beautiful property, I bet it’s even better in the fall. :)

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