Great Gifts for Horse Lovers, Part II: Personalization Strikes Back

As a continuation of my previous post with some recommendations on gifts for the horse people in your life, I thought I’d do a follow-up since it’s now officially gift-buying season and let’s face it, horse people are simply not getting any easier to buy for. As per usual, my suggestions are handmade items, and I urge you to support artists and crafters directly, because they’re awesome and they could use your business. With this post, I’m going to concentrate specifically on the kinds of gifts you’re not likely to be able to buy from the equine catalogs: gifts that you can have customized or personalized to make them one of a kind. Horse people are seriously hard to shop for, but we also appreciate the personal touch… like when you remember our horse’s name. And let’s face it, we are delighted with anything at all that has our horse’s name on it. Below is my latest Etsy treasury of customizable horse gifts; you can also check out the treasury directly on Etsy if you’d prefer.

Personalized Fine Silver Hor…


Horse Gift Art Framed Print …


Chalk board Stall Sign


Custom Horse Portraits LOVIN…


Personalized Horse Ornament …


Personalized family ranch Na…


Horse Necklace Custom Person…


HORSE Ornament Personalized …


Word of your Choice OR Your …


Horses Personalized wall art…


Personalized Christmas Cards…


Personalized Silver Horse Je…


15″ – Personalized Hand…


Western Horse Christmas Stoc…


Lariat Rope Necklace – Perso…


Custom Ribbon Display


Treasury tool supported by the dog house

And now for the shameless self-promotion:

Copper Wire Horse OrnamentsI make my own personalized or generic horse, donkey, and mule ornaments out of wire and sell them on Etsy; you can find my shop at Bright Strange Things on Etsy. I can customize ornaments to try to match specific horse colors and breeds, or to symbolize particular riding disciplines. I also sell photo prints and sometimes t-shirts, and am working on some new lines of products, so I hope you’ll also give my shop a look, and check out some of the sellers above when you’re shopping for Christmas, birthdays, horsiversaries, or any other equine-related gift-giving occasion.


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