A Walk Through Dimple Dell Nature Park

Recently I took my dog Trudeau on an excursion to Dimple Dell Nature Park in Sandy, Utah. This adventure was extensively researched and pre-planned, by which I mean that I was looking for directions to somewhere else on Google Maps and found myself wondering what that big block of green was over there and whether it might be of some use to me in attempting to exhaust my dog, and so I decided to take him there completely on impulse.

Exhausting my dog is, in fact, something of a personal mission of mine. It never works out — he always out-staminas me, the bastard — but he likes to allow me my illusions and I find it diverting to seek out new adventures on his behalf. Because it was raining off and on even in the valleys that day, there was no way that I was going to attempt any mountain trails, but Dimple Dell looked promising, since according to the maps it ran right through the middle of residential areas. Our duties discharged and errands run, we drove on toward the trailhead (well I say we, but I was driving, because no matter how much he begs I am not going to give Trudeau the keys). The Granite Park Trailhead was surprisingly easy to find, and from there we had plenty of options, with several small dirt tracks branching off directly from the trailhead and a single large, well-maintained, woodchipped path which soon revealed itself by way of signage to be the North Rim trail. Figuring that it would be very difficult for me to get lost on such an expanse of trail (difficult but not impossible, because it is me we’re talking about here), we stuck primarily to the North Rim trail.

Although the wood chips undoubtedly make for a nice dry trail even on wet days, I found the footing far too spongey to be comfortable — it’s just enough like walking on a sand dune to tire you out. Trudeau had no such qualms, but he also spent most of the walk sniffing things, peeing on things, and trying to engage other dogs in fisticuffs, so he probably wasn’t paying much attention to the footing.

Dimple Dell is an on-leash park, but Trudeau makes a hobby out of breaking the rules, because he is a rebel. And I only took his leash off long enough to snap a photo, because he is also kind of a dick.

Despite the fact that Dimple Dell is apparently 644 acres in total, the sections of trail that we covered felt more like a neighborhood park than a wilderness trail. The trail truly does run through neighborhoods and often winds along the back fences of houses, which is not always a pleasant experience when there are dogs in there and you have Trudeau along, because as mentioned previously, Trudeau is kind of a dick.

Still, the walk was quite pleasant, with some beautiful views of the very close Wasatch range, and more distant views of the Oquirrhs.

We didn’t spot much in the way of wildlife, unless you count lichen…

I don’t even know if this is actually lichen, I just like to say “lichen”.

…and a few scrub jays, which insisted on staying just far enough away that I could barely get a decent photo, even with my longest zoom.

Come over here bird, I just want to be your friend. Trudeau might try to eat you, though. He tries to eat everything.

There was also a dog in a backyard, which I heard but never actually saw, which made a growling sound that was eerily similar to that of a mountain lion and which nearly gave me a heart attack. Oh and also a few kids in a backyard, one of whom leaned over his back fence and shouted to his friends for a good five minutes, “DEER POOP! THERE’S DEER POOP BACK HERE! HEY YOU GUYS, I FOUND SOME DEER POOP!” So one must assume that there are occasionally also deer, but I never saw any. Nor their poop, for that matter.

All in all, it was an enjoyable way to pass an afternoon, and it warmed up enough that I wished I had in fact pre-planned (water would’ve been a good idea) and Trudeau almost seemed a little tired by the time we got back to the trailhead. We could probably spend weeks covering all of the trails in Dimple Dell, which branched out like spiderwebs along the ridgelines and valleys, but since we don’t live in that area — and I prefer more well-packed trails — we probably won’t be frequent visitors, no matter how attractive the lichen is.

[Edit: WOOHOO, thanks WordPress for Freshly Pressing this entry, and thanks to everyone for visiting! If you’d like to read more on what it’s like to live in Utah and how it can turn you into a homicidal maniac, you might also be interested in one of my most recent entries, It’s Just Like the Road Warrior, Only with Minivans. I hope you’ll stick around and read a bit more!]


101 thoughts on “A Walk Through Dimple Dell Nature Park

  1. Beautiful words, animals and scenery! Thanks for taking us on your walk.

  2. Haha…I’m not sure if that’s lichen either, but the word sure is a fun one…

    Gorgeous photos!


  3. As one who recently spent a few months in New Mexico with a Lab that’s adapted to mountain hiking, I can identify with some of your experiences here. Nice narrative and pics.

    • Thanks! My guy’s luckily not super high energy (I said, as he’s napping for his fifth hour straight…) but now that we live in the city again it bothers me that he really doesn’t have opportunities to run much and wear himself out. Me running at my top speed is just an easy lope for him. :D Hopefully once I get the WalkyDog for my bike all our troubles will be over. ;D

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    your rebel dog looks happy :)

  5. Okay, I feel dumb that I can’t figure this out from looking at my blog stats, but… this page has gotten hundreds of hits today for no reason I can figure out. If any of you visitors happens to be reading the comments, could you kindly tell me where on earth you’re coming from? :D

  6. You made me LOL :) Thanks for sharing – I enjoyed both the photos and congregation of words :)

  7. What a beautiful dog. This was a very comical narration. I don’t think I even needed the pics, though they are great, to picture this walk with your dog. Great post

    • Thank you! I post about my dog and on a semi-regular basis so feel free to stop in for updates anytime. :D He really is a nice boy, even if he sometimes nearly drives me to homicide. :D

      • well it seems we have that in common. We take ours everywhere too. I even had one of blogs named “Where’s Waldo” because she always popped into our travel posts

        • That’s awesome! I used to literally take mine everywhere, when I lived on the North Coast of California, because the weather was always so nice and cool there that I could leave him in the truck while running errands without worrying about him. I even took him to work with me and he had his own couch and everything. ;D Here in Utah not so much… we’ve skipped right over spring and gone on to summer so I have to be careful when and where I take him and make sure we have water along!

  8. BTW …. don’t feel dumb. When I was freshly pressed I was the same way. I looked at my history and it said 3000 hits….I was like “honey come look at this!” I had been posting for two years and could count the number of hits and then suddenly this….Finally figured it out when someone commented that I was pressed. Congrats

    • Hah, thanks! I’ve actually been pressed once before which is the only reason I figured it out, but I was kind of mystified why an older post was suddenly getting a ton of hits but hardly any comments. I think I had about 500 hits on it before I figured it out, because usually somebody mentions it! :D

  9. Beautiful photos!

  10. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed from another Utah blogger!

  11. I love that bird photo. What type of bird is that?

  12. Your irreverent humor about your dog Trudeau caused me to chuckle. Thanks. I enjoy dog humor, especially dog humor that revolves around a rebellious dog. I had a dog like that when I was a child.

  13. Amazing dog! Dimple Dell Nature Park is a beautiful place….
    Thanks for sharing…

  14. beautiful photos, you are lucky to be able to drive to such places! No such parks in the Middle East!

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    Wow. These mountains look spectacular!

  16. Excellent photos and post! Congrats on being Freshly Pressed! :)

  17. Well done on being freshly pressed! I love your writing style, the way you wrote about Trudeau was really funny – what kind of dog is he? Reminds me of the way I talk about my dog Sparky, who is the biggest idiot I know (in an affectionate way, of course :P). I’ll definitely be checking out some more of your blog :)

  18. Great pics, beautiful area, good writing! I like your sass and I assume you write how you talk which reminds me of someone else…me! lol

  19. Such a nice place, thanks for sharing.

  20. Love that area, I have traveled through there in an RV. Great post and pics.

  21. Your dog is lucky to have such a good parent. Great post!

  22. Nice. Is Trudeau named after Pierre Trudeau?

  23. Beautiful pics and such a fun read. Unfortunately my dog, whom I love dearly, is also a dick. He hides it well with his cuteness and friendliness. But, spend some real time with him and you see he truly is a dick. If I’m ever in Utah, maybe we could schedule a dog play-date, as I’m sure they’d get along well.
    Congrats on being FP!

    • Haha, then you know my pain! :D Unfortunately Trudeau doesn’t get doggie play dates because his primary form of dickishness is bullying other dogs. :( He gets along with other dogs sometimes but certainly not as much as I’d like, and he can be pretty unpredictable. If he only knew that the glories of the dog park awaited him if only he’d learn to play well with others!

  24. Stunning photo’s there ! your dog is lovely and so healthy looking which is always good to see :)

    • Thank you! He’s a very nice boy and a very easy keeper, though he looked quite a bit rougher when I first got him from the pound. He’d been there six months and was declining a bit on the crappy food they used there. :(

      • Awe good to see he went to a good home , 6 months for a beautiful dog such as himself, sad to see !

        • Yes, it seems to be very difficult for dogs as big as he is to find a home at the pound… there aren’t as many suitable homes for them, I think, and he was also unneutered and not particularly well-mannered. Luckily I love big dogs and he’s a fast learner so for the most part he’s quite the gentleman now. :)

          • Yeh there are several large dogs stuck in rescues over here because they need good responsible owners to be able to handle them, and unfortunately there just aren’t enough to go around. People need to stop buying their dogs from breeders and adopting instead.

  25. It’s great to see the vast differences that nature presents. The Internet is a good travel agent. Trudeau’s day communing with nature was much different than mine. Florida’s mangrove islands are about as different from those Utah mountains as it gets. We have ospreys and night herons vs scrub jays(?) and manatees (Click on the video on my site for an UP CLOSE view) vs close encounters with growling animals like cougars/or canines.

    • Cool! I’ll have to check out your blog a little later. I haven’t ever been to Florida, but I’m a little scared to go because alligators! :D (It’s the same reason I don’t *really* want to visit Australia, everything there wants you dead!) I used to see ospreys a lot in California and Oregon, but haven’t seen any here… we definitely have cougars though!

  26. I LOVE walks out in nature! Love your photos of the park with its varied terrain. And the name “Dimple Dell” made me lol…what a perfect name:)

  27. Great shot of the jay!

  28. Thank you! Dimple Dell is a beautiful nature park. Excellent presentation!

  29. I like the style of your photos, and also that of your comments – not very far from my style ;-)
    I need to read more…

  30. Nice entry! What kind of dog is Trudeau? We have a hound-dog named Penelope (half-Bloodhound/half Walker hound) that we try unsuccessfully to tire out…she has to be leased at all times as she will follow her noise and get into trouble…she still manages to get free and raise havoc! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!

    • Thanks! He’s a shelter dog and I have no idea what sort of animal he is… my best guess is maybe a german shepherd/great dane mix. He’s very large, about 110lbs. I thought he might be part bloodhound at first but the longer I’ve had him the more I think he looks like a Dane… plus he definitely does not having particularly amazing powers of smell. ;D

  31. Want to visit! Congratulations on getting freshly pressed!

  32. Thank you for this amusing walk with your trusty pet! He’s kinda cute! :) x

  33. Hi! I haven’t been out to that little spot yet. Like your photos, and your sense of humor! Like you, I’m always looking for a good place to wear out my dog (Joey) so thanks for making me aware of it. I live in Bountiful, so visiting Dimple Dell would involve “girding up my loins” and facing the Utah mini-van-road-warrior-rage (as expounded upon in your suggested reading).
    ;) Congrats on being Fresh Pressed! Cheers from another Utahn – MoSop

    • Thank you! It is quite a trek from Bountiful but totally worth it… you could seriously spend the day out there without covering the same ground twice, and still have at least a few weeks worth of trails left over. :D I grew up in Bountiful though, and you’ve got some pretty sweet trails over there… I keep meaning to stop in to Mueller Park, though I hear you have to pay admission there now?

      • Sweet! I honestly didn’t know Dimple Dell was so large. I don’t go down to that neck of the valley very often. But, it sounds like I will need to come exploring.

        I live less than a 10 minute walk from the entrance to Mueller Park canyon and I regularly hike the “Elephant Rock” trail. Dogs are allowed on that trail, on-leash. They do not charge admission to the picnic grounds or upper canyon if you enter by foot, they only charge cars because there is such limited parking inside the canyon. There is plenty of parking just outside the pay gate, so it isn’t necessary to drive in. The Elephant Rock trail-head is located before the gate. It’s a sweet hike. In fact, I ought to take a queue from you, and blog it sometime. You can hike all the way over the mountain and down into City Creek or over to Eagle Ridge, (if you have the time -that would be a long trek) Warning: lots of mountain bikes on the trail – I wear a couple of jingle bells on my shoes and put a bell on Joey’s collar to try to prevent a collision on the sharp switch-backs. We’ve had a couple of close calls with some out-of-control bikers. And, although dogs are allowed on leash, many bikers bring their dogs off-leash [my biggest “pet peeve”]. It’s a beautiful trail, with rewarding views. You and Trudeau definitely ought to come up sometime.

        • Sweet, thanks for the tips! I might try that out this weekend. I knew you could walk all the way to Bountiful from City Creek (we do carriage rides into Memory Grove and that’s one of the many interesting facts we share with our passengers :D) but I didn’t know the trail came out at Mueller Park. Off-leash dogs on on-leash trails are one of my pet peeves too, but I think that’s going to happen no matter where you go because there are always at least a few jerks around. I am more accustomed to living in rural areas though so I do find it frustrating that there aren’t as many trails that aren’t always packed with people. :(

  34. What a gorgeous dog

    • Thank you! I’d pass it along to him but frankly his head is big enough already. :D

    • So true! Due to the wet weather today with a rainy weekend forecast you may wish to hold off until the trail dries out a bit. If you decide you want to do that entire trek over the mountain, be sure to get a trail map. I’ve never done it myself and I wouldn’t want you to get lost. I know that dogs are not allowed past a certain point at the top of City Creek due to the watershed, so if the MP trail lets you off higher than the dog barrier, you wouldn’t be able to take Trudeau. Just something you’ll want to “know before you go”. If I find out before you do, I’ll let you know. And vise versa. Cheers!

    • Oops. I just put my reply in the wrong place! Face palm! x_x

  35. Love the pic of the blue bird and such an adorable pic of Trudeau!

  36. Nice and Interesting Walk Dear….We enjoyed as much as you enjoyed….We traveled a lot …but did not get tired….Nice Sharing

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