Featured Creature Friday: The Silky Anteater

Friends, I believe I promised you something cute and fluffy after the horror of the tongue-eating louse. And I don’t ever want you to feel like I’d fail you (except when I do). So this week I have a fabulous little featured creature for you: the silky anteater.

It’s the smallest of all the anteaters, measuring in at just over a foot long and weighing less than 400g. It lives in the treetops of South American rainforests and eats ants — a lot of them, up to 8000 in a day. One of the things I like about anteaters is that they eat ants. I’m sorry, E.O. Wilson, but while I recognize that ants are remarkable social organisms, they also make my skin crawl, and as you know that is grounds for extermination. (I’m just kidding, E.O. Wilson. ILU. Call me.)

The silkiness of this particular anteater is also pretty interesting, because it’s protective rather than simply luxurious. Its fur makes it appear, when it’s curled up and sleeping in the top of a tree, to be a silk cotton tree seed pod rather than a delicious anteater, which helps it thwart the hawks and eagles which hunt it. Anyway, there’s nothing about the silky anteater that is particularly fascinating or frightening — at least not moreso than any other cute and fuzzy creature — but it is, as promised, cute and fuzzy. Just look at that face. LOOK AT IT.

That’s the silky anteater’s idea of a defensive posture, by the way. When it’s threatened it lifts its crazy-huge claws up in a boxing posture and is all, “I’MMA CUT YOU, MAN!” While making a cute squinty face. It’s like the silky anteater isn’t even trying to avoid ending up immortalized in some sort of Japanese anime cartoon. Mostly it looks like it’s doing yoga.

You like that one? How about this one? How about this fuzzy sleeping squinty-eyed son of a… mother silky anteater?

Cuteness accomplished. Don’t you feel better now? Look at its cute fuzzy head and prehensile tail! And the little claws! And the big claws! And I wonder if there’s ever a time it’s not squinting!


12 thoughts on “Featured Creature Friday: The Silky Anteater

  1. Thanks. I appreciate the follow-through, a seemingly simple act my lawyer and financial advisor have not mastered! Plus this guy is so very cute!

  2. Does anyone else think it looks like it’s smiling? And maybe it squints because it needs glasses! Here we all are with our modern optometry and the poor anteater is left out in the cold, so to speak. He’s a brave soul to keep on smiling :p

    (love Featured Creature Friday!)

  3. Thank you. Last weeks creature was too freaky for me! haha

  4. This totally makes up for the tongue eating louse! My entire family loves your Featured Creature Friday!

  5. I never thought ant-eaters could be made to look cute. I was wrong!

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  7. I love these little guys <3 SO CUTE.

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