Between the Lines

Most of the writing I do is fiction. And prose. So I don’t really write poetry, by which I mean I’ve never been good at it so I’ve mostly avoided it. But I’ve made many a secret attempt at verse throughout the years (I’m currently wrestling with writing songs, lulz), and when I dug this up from my files and didn’t hate it, I thought I’d stretch myself a little and post it. Every day is a good day to try something new

Between the Lines – Mackenzie Kincaid.

These are my beasts of burden:
these words with their
bent necks and brute strength
and a grace that belies their
consonants —
these words that stand collared
side by side and waiting
keeping company without context
until these conjunctions are laid
as harness across their backs
so that their shoulders may strain
against the hames of my intention.

These are my beasts of burden,
that surge too eager forward
and push on, blinkered,
against the bit;
but pull the weight steady
from wheel, swing, lead
and know their paces.
Set them now to their rows
and let them pull the weight
let them drag their furrows
and do their work between the lines.


5 thoughts on “Between the Lines

  1. I delight in seeing folks pushing their boundaries, most especially when (a) they’re my BFF and those boundaries are safe boundaries to push and (b) the end results are so pleasing. I hope you keep on pushing out those boundaries. :)

  2. I sometimes find that when I pull stuff from my “archives” years later, I marvel at how good that stuff actually is, and can’t imagine why I ever thought otherwise. It’s always nice to have a surprise like that.

    • It’s a very unusual experience for me, because my typical pattern is that I see something I wrote years ago and then I beat myself up for awhile about how much it sucked. :D Hopefully the fact that I don’t do that much anymore means I’m increasing my emotional fitness. :D

  3. Fabulous! Absolutely Fabulous!

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